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The D2200Ph is a compact solution for mid-high vocal reproduction that offers high sensitivity and a pleasant sound from the phenolic diaphragm. Its high output and smooth mid range frequency response allow you to use this horn driver in almost any high output audio application for vocal reinforcement: PRO, Home, Car or PROAudioOnWheels® Audio Systems.

High output mobile audio enthusiasts choose the PRV Audio D2200Ph for extreme SPL car audio competitions in South America, while DJs use it in high SPL speaker cabinets for entertaining crowds that number in the thousands.


  • Low mass CCAW voice coil and phenolic diaphragm for natural response
  • Designed for midrange and vocals from 500 to 9,000 Hz
  • High Output – 109 dB sensitivity
  • Compact driver design for easy front mount installation

    Exit Throat Diameter 2” (50 mm)
    Nominal impedance 8 Ohms
    Rated AES Power Handling (RMS) 100 Watts
    Program Power 200 Watts
    Sensitivity 2.83V at 1m 109 dB
    Recommended Hi Pass Crossover** **For Full Power Handling 500 Hz** **12db Per Octave Crossover
    Frequency Response at -10dB 500 – 9,000 Hz
    Voice Coil Diameter 2” (51 mm)
    Voice Coil Wire CCAW
    Voice Coil Former Material Kapton
    Diaphragm Material Phenolic
    Flux Density 1.66 T
    Magnet Material Ferrite

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