AudioControl The Epicenter Bass Restoration Processor with Remote Bass Level Control (Mexico Edition)

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  • Bass Restoration: Patented circuit restores missing bass info, adjustable with a remote knob. It can be connected to a full-range amp, subwoofer amp, or crossover.
  • Para-Bass: Variable equalizer for bass output, adjustable center frequency, and bandwidth.
  • Bass Maximization: Boosts bass without damaging speakers, adjustable voltage setting.
  • Remote: Wired remote for adjusting bass restoration level, dash mountable.
  • Subsonic Filter: Crossover point at 33 Hz, replaceable chip for different frequencies.
  • Balanced Inputs: Cancels noise with differential input circuit, switchable between balanced and unbalanced.
  • Ground Isolation: Switchable power supply ground to eliminate ground loop noise.
  • Terminal Block: Removable power/ground/remote terminal for easy wiring.


Introducing the AudioControl Epicenter Bass Restoration Processor with Remote Bass Level Control, now available in the Mexico Edition. This powerful device enhances the bass output of your car audio system, restoring low-end frequencies lost in compressed music files for a fuller, richer sound. With a built-in bass maximization circuit and remote control, you can easily adjust the frequency response and bass output level, perfect for tuning to different genres or environments. Designed with advanced processing technology, including high-quality algorithms and variable bass boost control, this device delivers a customized listening experience. Installation is quick and easy, making it compatible with most car audio systems. Upgrade your car audio and immerse yourself in an extraordinary sonic journey.

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