Down4Sound D4S-DW1ST Precision Aluminum Super Tweeter 100 Watts @ 4-Ohm (Pair)

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D4S DW1ST Precision Aluminum Super Tweeter Features:

  • 4-inch Cast Aluminum Tweeter: Crafted for durability and high performance, this 4-inch cast aluminum tweeter is built to last.
  • Aluminum Diaphragm: The aluminum diaphragm ensures a crisp, clear, and detailed high-frequency response.
  • 1 Inch KSV: The 1-inch KSV voice coil is designed for optimal efficiency and power handling.
  • Frequency Range: With a frequency range of 1500Hz - 23kHz, these tweeters cover a broad spectrum of high-frequency sounds.
  • High Sensitivity: A remarkable 102 dB sensitivity ensures that you'll hear every nuance in your music.
  • Crossover Cap Included: A 250v 3.3 uF crossover cap is included to ensure seamless frequency distribution.
  • Sold as Pair: Because one is never enough when it comes to quality sound.

Why Choose Down4Sound D4S DW1ST Precision Aluminum Super Tweeter?

  • Unmatched Quality: The aluminum diaphragm and 1-inch KSV voice coil make for a high-quality audio experience.
  • Broad Frequency Range: From 1500Hz to 23kHz, these tweeters have got your high-frequency needs covered.
  • Easy Integration: The included crossover cap makes it easy to integrate these tweeters into your existing audio setup.
  • 4 inch cast Aluminum Tweeter
  • ALUMINUM diaphragm 1 INCH KSV
  • Frequency range: 1500Hz - 23kHz
  • 102 dB Sensitivity
  • 250v 3.3 uF crossover cap included

Ready for an Unforgettable High-Frequency Experience?

Imagine the brilliance of each high note, the shimmer of each cymbal, and the texture of each vocal as you've never heard before. This is not just another tweeter; it's a revolution in high-frequency sound.

Don't just listen to music; feel the brilliance of every high note.

Add the Down4Sound D4S DW1ST Precision Aluminum SUPER TWEETER - 100W RMS - 4 OHM to your cart NOW and take your audio experience to new heights!


d4s dw1st super tweeter

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